Thursday, April 8, 2010

Entry 6 - reading day 4

Genesis 21

Dear Reader,
I was again saddened by that fact that Sarah, Abraham wife was, mean to her servant Hagar and the son Ishmael whom it was her idea to have conceived so that Abraham could have an heir . Being a modern woman, I can how this would percent a problem, especially after Sarah bore Isaac. One sees it today, as more and more get remarried and have kids with different women. First wives are often jealous due their ex-husbands more children and therefore lowering their own offspring's inheritance.

Still, I would hope that if I were in Sarah’s shoes, I wouldn’t stoop so low as to banish my servant and (here is the part I find truly horrifying) her child to the dessert to die. But one never know what one will do in a jealous fit, can one?

Hagar was lucky that God and his angels were there in their hour of need to be of assistance. Otherwise it wouldn’t have turned out well for them.

On Philistines, I was always thought these were brutish, mean-spirited people, but they don’t seem to be that way in this verse. Maybe I’m wrong or just misinformed (as my atheist friend was about Lot’s daughters), but for now Abimelech and his followers seem okay to me. We will see…

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  1. Wasn't misinformed. Stop spreading this canard. Read my responses, they explain completely.