Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Entry 18- reading day 16

Genesis 34

Dear Reader,

There was a lot of revenge in this chapter, because some prince defiled Dinah (a daughter of Jacob) and her brothers killed all in that man's city in revenge. I understand revenge and being angry over such happenings, but really to murder an entire town's worth of people, because of one bad man's action, seems a bit much. That's like me murdering every able-bodied man I see to make up for my bio dad's poor example of the specimen. Although at times, I've been tempted I've never ever done this sort of thing. I am happy to report that Jacob agreed with me and rebuked his sons for their actions.

I know that I will not finish Genesis before I go. I aim only to finish one more verse, before embarking on a week of activism. There may be new entries to this blog, as activism has been known to bring me closer to the holy (in my opinion). But of that I give no word.

Chapter 35 tomorrow. I apologize for my slowness!

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