Saturday, April 24, 2010

Entry 20

Dear reader,

I thought I wasn't going to post in this blog until I got home and was doing my reading, but I met a guy who deserves his own entry in this blog. His name is Steve and he is a Quaker.

Yesterday, I came to D.C. early to do a War Tax Resistance event, but it was canceled and I didn't know because I don't have email on my phone. I really have to come up with the $180 to pay for that. Then I won't be in these situations. Since the event was canceled, my friend who I was supposed to stay with didn't come in to the city. She thought I knew about it because she sent me an email which I couldn't check. This left me stranded in D.C. with no housing. Just lovely!

However, Steve, the awesome Quaker I mentioned before came through with a credit card because he said he wanted to see disabled people chained to White House correcting Obama's incorrect behavior towards us. I also think it helped that I was helpful to the Quaker meeting house in redesigning their bathroom to make it more accessible. They say the Good Lord works in mysterious ways. Yesterday, he shined on me in the form of Steve. Today he shined on Shaniek a little, I think, because she thought she lost her debit card and I saw her look through every pocket on the wallet, but when she checked again it was there. I don't know if that was a miracle or what, but I'm happy. I was not in the mood to call my mother and ask for money.

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