Sunday, April 18, 2010

Entry 16 - reading day 14

Genesis 32

Dear Reader,

I have set a goal for myself to finish Genesis by the time I go to D.C.I figure I will leave the feared Leviticus until after I come back from back and am emotionally capable of processing it. I hope it's like Lot's Daughters whose story was capable of being interpreted because God saved them from being raped. Although, I admit it looks like Lot would have allowed this had God not intervened in the form of angels.

I think Leviticus will be the greatest test to my faith in the entire book. I'll miss you all when I'm gone. Writing this blog has been an amazing experience so far. Even when I'm really tired, I still have to write because, after all, who lies about God or things there are going to in reference to him. Some people might, but I'm not one of them.

Chapter 32 was the story of how Jacob wrestled with the angel. I vaguely knew this story from childhood churchgoing. But I'm not sure if, as Jacob assumed, the angel was actually God. I always thought it was just a random angel sent by God. The story is open to either interpretation.

I was also somewhat alarmed that Jacob was afraid that Esau would come to kill him upon his return. I know Jacob did some bad things to him as I've mentioned and if I were Esau I would be pretty angry too. That being said, after 20 years of not knowing if someone is alive or dead (had there been no communication) I think I would just be glad my brother was alive. Never mind what he'd done before. I hope Esau shares my opinion. We shall see.

In order to keep up with the goal I mentioned in the first paragraph. I need to read 17 more chapters by Wednesday as I leave for Boston early Thursday. That's 5 chapters a night. That's a lot considering I've only been doing 1.

Wish me luck. Onward! Onward!

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  1. Wait'll you get to paul, if you think leviticus is hard!