Sunday, April 4, 2010

Entry 1- Easter Morning

Dear Reader,

I'm supposed to be at Easter Sunday services at the Belchertown United Church of Christ (UCC), but inner ear stuff and not feeling so hot for reasons I can't pin down have me off my game and up a little too late to go. I woke up at six, feeling fine, but didn't get up.

Note to self and others: if you wake up within an hour of your alarm feeling fine, just rise out of the bed and get going. I didn't do that and when I woke up with the alarm, I wasn't feeling good anymore. Therefore, no Easter services in 2010. Sorry, Jesus!

The purpose of this blog is to settle a sort of bet. My atheist friend/ sometimes employee swears that I also will become an atheist if I read The Good Book cover to cover. I think she's wrong. But, I am honest to a fault, and if (in fact) I do become one, she knows I won't lie to just to win.

It being Easter, I decided the perfect time time to start this undertaking was today. I got up, put on my pretty Easter outfit and sat at the computer to start typing. I figure I'm honoring God in my own way.

My reading the Good Book was supposed to start January 1, 2010, but I had editorial deadlines (I'm a writer), activism, and things that kept getting in the way. I also wasn't comfortable writing in my nice, white, hardcover Bible. I don't like writing in any book, much less that one! It just feels disrespectful!

In order to complete this project, I will try to read the Bible for one hour a day, via audio book and be in front of my computer for note taking purposes . I think should have me completing the work by May 4th, my mother's birthday, also- to my mind- very appropriate.

This blog will contain the following, I care fairly safely assume. 1) reactions to that day's reading, 2) poetry and stories I create (because that's what I do), 3) any Bible/faith related activism I get involved with, and 4) responses to comments.

Please note, I will leave most comments up, but if you swear or are plainly rude away your comment will go. Know that in advance and don't do it!
I will post my second entry today after reading my first Bible hour. Again, Happy Easter!

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