Thursday, April 15, 2010

Entry 13 - reading day 11

Genesis 29

Dear Reader,

Once again, I’ve had a long day, but my taxes are finally done. I’m happy to report that my strategy of war tax resistance by receipt keeping worked again and I do not owe the Feds a dime. I’m also pleased that chapter 29 was short as I am again tired.

I was disheartened to see that Jacob kept being rewarded for being deceitful. Although in the end he got his comeuppance because he was first not by his intention married to Lea. Her father thought he should marry her because she was the oldest even though he was in love with the younger sister and had made arrangements to marry her after his seven of servitude to her father.

He then committed to seven more years of servitude so he could also marry Rachel, the younger sister he was in love with. I felt sorry for Lea. First off, she had to share a husband with her sister which is never comfortable I can imagine. Secondly, she had to know the only reason he was her husband in the first place was that her father had tricked her into becoming so. Personally, given those choices I’d rather be alone.

I also think that it’s a bit strange how much polygamy occurs in the bible which most of the modern faithful condemn. I’m not a fan of polygamy myself. I think it tends to be on the whole misogynistic as a lifestyle. I also find it weird that Jacob had apparently went off to seek a wife and served fourteen years as a servant in some strange man’s house without, at least that we are told, getting word to his parents of his situation. I don’t know about you, but if my son went off to find a wife and never came back, I would think something horrible happened to him.

But what was Jacob to do? In those days, they didn’t have the postal service, AT&T, or email. Perhaps also he sent them a message and the writer just didn’t think to write it down.


  1. More misogyny. You should take note of every verse something that makes you think of that is in. I wonder how many verses would be tallied when you are done.

    Since the stories are made up, they don't need to adhere to logic. It's just another plot hole.

  2. I do tend to note misogynistic verses, as you will notice if you read the posts. We just tend to disagree about what is an is not misogynistic. That's fine, though.