Sunday, April 4, 2010

Entry 2- Easter Late Night

Dear Reader,

I tried to read the Bible for an hour as promised to both you and the Lord. However, the copy I downloaded only had the New Testament. As a per the terms of my wager, I need to start at the beginning and read until the end so I can be fully exposed. Starting at Matthew is cheating and who cheats about God?

I'm know downloading the whole thing in torrent. It's 41.1% done as I type. I'll do two hours tomorrow to make up for it and I stay on track. One disturbing thing about the little bit of Matthew I listened to, before I got wise to the tomfoolery and got a complete version. The book says "so and so beget so and so and he beget so and so." The only mention of a woman in any of the "begetting" was that she was the first wife of some of man before she had a child with the man mentioned in the "begetting" section.

I call that sexist, but those were different times and I don't fault them, but I do plan to call out sexism and oppressive behavior when I see it in this or any other book. I may be a late beginning theologian in training, but I'm definitely a feminist, queer, disabled one 100% of the time.


  1. Some Africans read the Old and then the New Testaments and said that they preferred the Old as God was more mythical, bigger, more powerful and an action figure.

    The New Testament's God was too woosey for them. So, they asked to be converted and were made Jews. I have heard them singing all of the traditional songs, but in their lovely African way and it makes me okay about converting myself, heheheheh.

    I read the Bible all the way through and then the Q'ran and then The Book Of Mormon, the Bagavad Gita, anyway, all books on God and I like the nicer accepting kinder gentler helpful loving God, myself.

    Good luck with your reading. The Levites will get you down, too. Hehehehehhh

  2. Why should the all perfect all loving all wise and knowing creator not simply say, "Urethra length is an unacceptable measure of a person's worth."?