Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Entry 19- reading day 17

Genesis 35

Dear Reader,

I’m pleased that God honored Jacob for being correctly minded and not wishing to attack the town’s men for attacking his daughters. This chapter was (sadly) full of death. Rachel died, and if that wasn’t enough for poor Jacob’s, now renamed Israel, heart’s his father died at the end of the chapter. How much suffering can one heart even bare!

I know a lot about suffering and loss, so I understand Israel’s plight. Still, he seemed to doing alright and I am gaining even more foreshadowing that his son Joesph is the Joseph, as in father of Jesus husband of Mary. This is because the place they went to is named Bethel as in (I think) Bethlehem.

I will try to get up early tomorrow, so I can do chapter 36 before departing. Something in me feels called to do it, for reason’s unknown to me. We will see how the morning goes with all the other tasks of packing, rechecking, and getting meds. I hope they’re will be time. One shouldn’t ignore the stirrings of the spirit when it is upon thee.

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