Sunday, June 20, 2010

The first few chapters of Exodus

Exodus 1-4

Dear Reader,

I read 4 chapters today. That's a lot of Bible to read in one setting. I've only read that much one two other occasions. I meant to go to services today, but my back had other ideas, sadly.

It seemed to be Israel vs Egypt in this biblical book. It was very similar to the modern fear of white people being overwhelmed by the perceived hyper breeding of people of color.

In yet another crazy turn, Pharaoh ordered the midwives of Egypt to murder male children of Israel, but the but midwives honored God's words not Pharaoh's orders, to which I say "You go, ladies!"

Following this there was the familiar Moses story. His mother hid him and sent him down the river. He was found my Pharaoh's daughter, who hired his mom to nurse him. How she must have rejoiced at this!

When he was returned to Pharaoh's daughter she called him Moses, because he was "drawn out of the water." At some point, however, Moses called himself a "A stranger in a strange land". This the title of a famous novel by Robert Heinlein; I never the title was inspired by the story of Moses.

Of the slavery undergone by israelites, it was said, "And God had respect onto them”. One might wonder why God allowed his chosen people to suffer thus, but I figure that freedom is gift better fought for than simply granted by one's oppressor in my opinion. Perhaps this line of thought is why God hardened Pharaoh's heart while making everyone else believe in what Moses said.

I was amazed to discover that Moses, apparently, was disabled. He was "slow of tongue". I took this to mean he had a speech impairment like mine. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but maybe it's true. God chose a person with a disability (PWD) to speak for Him and free the israelites. Viva gimp liberation!

If Moses was like me, I would have also been intimidated to speak to the people. I would have also wondered who would believe a simple, lowly, disabled person (especially in those days wen PWD were treated so badly). I wouldn't live cared at first whether the "I am" told me to do so in the form of a burning bush or not. Then, of course, I'd get a grip and do what was required of me.

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