Saturday, June 19, 2010

Entry 31- The last of Genesis

Genesis 48-50

Dear Reader,

I can't imagine only reading your grandchildren on your death bed. But this is what happened to Jacob. That's sad. I also don't understand the obsession with birth order in biblical times. I'm glad I live in America in modern times where we don't particularly focus on this.

As much as Joseph got screwed by the whole birth order thing he still wanted his father and both his sons based on birth order and to give the most blessing to his older son. Jacob however was enlightened and over the whole birth order non-sense. Way to go Jacob!

Chapter 49, was about Jacob telling all of his sons how they would fare in the end time. Apparently Jacob has a son who I don't remember called Shilo because he was mentioned in this chapter. Jacob's role in this chapter reminded me of Ebenezer Scrooge going around predicting things. Unlike Ebenezer however I don't think these predictions are changeable your stuck with what you got. After these predictions Jacob dies.

In the last chapter of Genesis I must say I am very proud of Joseph for not ruling over his brothers in a mean way despite all the horrors they have done to him. Even after his father gave him complete rule over him on his death bed. I don't remember the phrase exactly it was something like "Who am I to replace God as your master?".

I don't know if I would have been that charitably had I been Joseph. But I guess he already got his revenge because of that whole silver cup thing and worked it out of his system. I am pleased that he didn't need to take another go at vengeance. This leads me to my conclusion that he is an overall good guy.

I hope I have the strength to go to church tomorrow because I feel I need some support before I begin the dreaded Leviticus. Wait I was just wrong. Leviticus isn't next. It's Exodus then Leviticus. I'm dreading Leviticus so much I keep advancing it and ignoring the miracle of Exodus. I feel like Exodus will really strengthen me to deal with all the nasty things Leviticus supposedly says about LGBT folks. I think if I can get through the third book with my faith intact I will not be in any danger of becoming an atheist. I have always avoiding reading that book for fear that what the bigots say it says it actually what it says.

Then I realized I couldn't be a true christian unless I read the whole book. If I was an atheist so be it I want to know. Having spoken to Todd today I feel much more affirmed in my personal faith and not so subject to the usurpation of my attempt to affirm or modify [as the much less likely case is] my faith by mean spirited crazy right wingers. Todd's right that's why the delete was invented. I'm going to use it next time someone goes about saying something I didn't or acts really childish in my blog. I'm not a pro-censorship person but if you can't act accordingly to the rule of civil discourse I don't need to bother with you.

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