Thursday, June 17, 2010

Entry 30- Irritated

I know I haven't written in this blog in a long time. Since sometime in May, in fact, however I've thought about a few things I'd like to comment on. I think all people of faith (and people in general)might benefit from reading two books, the Wordy Shipmates which details the Puritan journey and the eventual discovery by some that they'd rather have more personal and (in my opinion more UCC like) relationship with God.

The second book that made me think of the Good Book, is Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series. I wonder if Fforde's writing (which is often not comprehensible at first), but became more comprehensible as I read more and more of the series. I feel like that about the Bible.

So why, in complete truth, am I writing today? I'm writing because I am annoyed, irritated, P.O.ed, insert name of appropriate word here at insane right wringers who think they own the Lord. Two of them are following this blog on my twitter feed. Why do people assume that just because I believe in the Lord, I'm some kind of crazy hate filled, homophobe. They don't realize that can be a radical, queer, lay theologian with a disability. If they met me, their heads would probably explode!

I am not feeling very charitable towards these people, as The Good Book intends I should. But I've had long week, and I'm not exhibiting my most Christlike behavior. In fact, I'm inclined to go get a new sticker for my chair that says, "The religious right is neither". I think Pride and Joy has those. Good thing I'm coming their tomorrow to pick up adoption celebration gifts for my honorary niece and her 2 moms, fellow disability rights activists friends of mine! I guess the Lord is on my side!

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