Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Entry 34; Exodous 14-17

This is a day with long chapters, by I'm still attempting to do 4 so I am on track. I was sorry that Pharaoh and his armies died. I realize that the Lord hardened his heart, but how flatly stupid do you need to be to go charging into the water on a horse in pursuit of people whom you know are under the Lord's protection? As an ex-assistant of mine once said, "if you do something like that it tell on you." She was from Jamaica and her English wasn't always so clear, but I knew what she met.

I liked the story of the parting of the waters. I, of course, knew that story already. Everyone who been in a Christian church ever knew this story, but for some reason I never realized that they walked on the water as if it was simply dry land.

I was amazed that Moses, like Jesus, fed people when there was no food and water. Moses never gets credit for this. He's just known for the Red Sea parting, which I guess is a fine enough thing to be known for, still if I were him I'd feel a bit short-changed in this history books.

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