Friday, June 25, 2010

Entry 36: Exodus 22-25

Dear Reader,

Chapters 22 and 23 were mostly about commandments and restrictions. So far all the rules laid down seem okay to me. Of course you shouldn’t take things or be mean to your enemies even if they are your enemies. You should help them out in their times of need. I’m not so good at this one, I need to get better. The one thing I didn’t like was saying that if someone stole something and couldn’t pay for it they would be sold into servitude. This seems a little extreme. What if you only took a small thing? One thing, however, that seemed very fair was that everything had a value. Therefore, if you stole something you would know how much recompense to give the owner. This seemed fair to me because unlike today you knew what you were getting into. The punishment was written down. You can’t claim you didn’t know and there was no massive leeway like today. Nowadays people get punished get punished based on irrelevant things like skin color or who your parents know. Even though the punishments were stricter back then at least it was applied to everybody fairly.

In chapter 23, the Lord kept mentioning an angel who was going to ascend to accompany his chosen people into new lands. I had a brief thought that perhaps the angel was Jesus’ spirit even though Jesus doesn’t appear for several thousand years. Being Jesus, I assume he was around in some form.

I don’t get the point of chapter 25 at all. From what I can discern, it’s basically God saying this is what I want my temple to look like using very exacting details. I like pretty things as much as the next person, but if you’re the Almighty, don’t you have bigger things to be concerned about. I can’t see devoting an entire chapter of my book to this subject.

The next time I encounter one of those crazy right-wing people who think they have a monopoly on God, I’m going to direct them to chapter 22 and 23. Nowhere does it say “hit anyone with anything” or “Call names or be unfriendly to them.” Even if they have designated that I am their enemy there still supposed to be nice to me. I also am to them, but this is hard for me and I resolve to work on it.


  1. 'God' does ramble about the oddest things in that book...

  2. Well, there are so many more small details that He tells everyone to pay attention to, many more to come, Martina, just wait............Maybe, without t.v. and iPhones, etc. life was more boring and God had less to do, therefore, finding much free time to devote to cooking recipe details, clothing details, services details and temple planning...............