Monday, May 17, 2010

Entry 28 Reading Day 25

Genesis 46

Dear Reader:
This was one of those naming chapters. You know the ones that go “so and so beget so and so”. The only name I recognized was Job- poor, long suffering man. This is the sort of chapter I like least, as it doesn’t advance the tale any.

I was brightened when, toward the end of my audio segment, Jacob and Joseph were reunited to much joy on the parts of themselves and their other family I’m sure. I can only imagine want that must have felt like. One question, why are shepherds’ an abomination to the Egyptians? It seems a funny thing to get that concerned about. Perhaps they’ll go more into that next chapter.

I’m excited that after this, I have four chapters to complete and then I’m done with Book 1. Only 65 more books to go after that. Oh my, now I am starting to feel overwhelmed. At that rate, I won’t done until sometime in 2015!! Well all I can do is keep on keeping on.

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