Sunday, May 16, 2010

Entry 27 Reading Day 24

Genisis 45

Dear Reader,

I’m feeling much better today and that’s a good thing. It’s much easier to concentrate when your nose is not all blocked up. The Bible I’ve learned is something that requires a lot of concentration. You miss things if you don’t pay attention.

I’m happy to report that in this chapter Joseph confesses his deception to his brothers and discloses his identity. They’re not even mad at him. How could they be after all? They are the ones who sold him into slavery in the first place. I guess they figured they all had his vengeance coming. Still, for myself I’m glad that it didn’t go on much longer.

I’m also pleased that Jacob and Joseph were reunited before Jacob dies. This is as it should be. I think every parent wants to see their child one last time before they go to their Maker. I also think the reverse is true.

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