Monday, May 10, 2010

Entry 22- Reading Day 19

Chapter 39

Dear Reader,

Yay! We are back with Joseph and the narrative is making more sense! Poor Joseph! I feel awful that his master's wife is rather an evil adulteress who blamed innocent Joseph when she was the one hitting on him. I don't like it when women are blamed in the Bible for talking men into things like men had no minds of there own, but I equally don't like it when women behave poorly. It is poor behavior to commit adultery. Even back in day, I'm sure women who were unhappy left their husbands. More to the point,m this women didn't seem to love or care about Joseph. She just wanted "a little something on the side" as they say back where I'm from. If she had cared about him, she wouldn't have lied about him and had her husband send him to jail!
Good thing for Joseph that the Lord was with him in this trying circumstance! If I ever have to go jail (falsely) on a serious charge, I hope the Lord will be with me.

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