Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entry 23, Reading Day 20

Chapter 40
Dear Reader,

I'm very sorry I didn't post yesterday. The time just got away from me. I'm glad this chapter was short. Only 3.5 minutes. That means I can finish posting tonight and not skip another day.

I liked and didn't like this chapter. I was glad when Joseph got to prove his projection abilities, but sad when the baker hanged. It least I hope he'd done something meritorious to receive that punishment (although what that could be I do not know, I'm decidedly anti-capital punishment). I think the butler will be sad that he didn't remember Joseph. I think nothing good can come out of not remembering to mention a falsely imprisoned psychic, much less one that God is on the side off. I think nothing but bad will come to butler and Pharaoh, because of the butler's over site.

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