Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leviticus 12-13

Happy Palm Sunday. I was supposed to attend church today, but the rain forecast (and the fact I need to walk all the way downtown and back is keeping me in the house, for self and chair health reasons. It is not good for people prone to lung infections to get rained on. It is not good for power chairs, either. I decided to restart this blog in honor of Palm Sunday.

At first, I read the wrong thing, but than got back on track. Chapter 12 was all about the procedures for dealing with woman who had just given birth. I find some of these procedures sexist, but it was back in the day after all. I like the fact that woman were given 33 days off after the birth of a child. We should do that now.

Chapter 13 was all about leprosy and the ways to heal or stop the spread of it. I didn't really understand that much of this chapter. It just seemed a bit repeating. The only thing that really stood out to me were that they kept talking about shutting people with leprosy up and making them not allowed to camp near anyone. This reminds me of a lot of pro-institutionalization forces and I wonder if those people who use faith as a reason people with disabilities should be locked away draw some ideas from this passage.

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