Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Entry 47: Leviticus 11

What sort of animal is Coney? The only Coney I know is Coney Island. I was surprised that rabbits won't for eating. Didn't Pioneers, who were supposed to be so pious, eat lots of rabbits? Food and drink had lots of rules back then. I thought my vegetarian or vegan friends or other Jewish friends who kept Kosher had lots of food rules, but I guess early Christians did, too. I'm glad the rules are less strict now, but I still don't want to eat a snake, even if the Lord says it's okay.


  1. heheheheheh. I have a lifelike rattle snake on my front porch and my friends from Mexico who were visiting each picked it up and posed with it as thought handling it !!!! Great photos, but I wouldn't want to eat one either, no matter how it was cooked, nor because God says it's okay !

  2. No more updates on your reading?